Our Goals

My Coastal RV Spot is a club exclusively for RV/Motorcoach enthusiasts who want to participate in creating an RV/Motorcoach community that extends beyond your typical RV park.

The goal of My Coastal RV Spot is to create a club of owners who enjoy the benefit of ownership allowing “owners” to be more than club members. My Coastal RV Spot Club members will participate in the ideas of growth. Club members who get in on the ground floor of development will enjoy club benefits afforded to early club entry.

Ideally, My Coastal RV Spot is hoping to develop a uniquely inspired living space for RV/Motorcoach enthusiasts who want to create and enjoy a living area with fabulous amenities above and beyond your typical RV/Motorcoach park.

How do we make this happen? My Coastal RV Spot has a creative approach to maintaining control of this project by allowing the members to own and participate in the future of this rather unique recreational living project.

We are currently inviting RV/Motorcoach enthusiasts who are interested in an RV/Motorcoach living space of the future to become club members to establish a core group of early investors. How do you become a club member? Simply join our mailing list to stay current on the process of growth. Membership will allow club members to enjoy unique benefits of early ownership with special pricing at the time this project takes off. This is a passion project for My Coastal RV Spot because we fully understand the passion of RV/Motorcoach travel and comfort.

Where will we be located? My Coastal RV Spot has our eye on a beautiful parcel of property in Horry/Brunswick counties. Become a member of this exclusive club for zero upfront cost.

Join the My Coastal RV Spot Club today by providing your name, mailing list and contact number. What you’ll receive? Updates on project progress. Requests for your ideas and suggestions.